Great homemade tattoo gun for beginners. Please visit for more information.


Understand Risks And Precautions

  • Take a blood-borne pathogens course
  • Anatomy/integument system course
  • Practice only on practice skin
  • Sign up for an apprenticeship

Homemade Tattoo Gun

homemade tattoo gun picturedragon tattoo picture
Dragon Pattern Waterproof Temporary Tattoo


Setting Up A Homemade Tattoo Gun

Introduction to setting up a tattoo gun for beginners. Remember to always wear gloves, its good to start practicing now as you learn. If you want to practice something useful then practice using practice skins. Never practice on a human without the supervision of a highly qualify mentor. Finding an apprenticeship is the best way to learn the art of tattooing.

Setting up a tattoo gun is pretty easy. The experience tattoo artist, setting a up a tattoo gun only take a few steps. Starter tattoo kits are a excellent way for a beginner tattoo artist to practice. Remember to always respect the art. Always wear gloves. Make sure you are in a clean environment while setting up a tattoo gun and before you tattoo.

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Watch Videos

Watch all of the videos to see if tattooing is for you. Setting up a tattoo gun is only the beginning, there is a lot more to learn before you can call yourself a tattoo artist.

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Step 1
Make sure there is no standing water in your work area, standing water increases the risk of electrocution

Step 2
Thread the needle

Step 3
Load the barrel

Step 4
Attach the loop on the back of the needle to the front edge of the armature bar

Step 5
Secure the needle using rubbers

Step 6
Adjust the tube 16th or 32nd

Step 7
Connect the power source

Tattooing has been around for over 5000 years and diverse as the people who sport them. The practice of tattooing has endured negative stereotype and popularity. Today tattooing has emerged to the forefront of popularity and self-expression. The best advice to beginner tattoo artist, respect those who came before you. Finding an apprenticeship is best way to learn. Homemade tattoo gun is only the beginning. Check back for more information and great deals.